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Can a debt management plan be used by members of the Armed Forces? - 28th December 2011

Tips when commencing a debt management plan - 28th December 2011

The devastating cost of an unauthorised bank overdraft - 22nd December 2011

Is a debt management plan appropriate for a prison officer? - 19th December 2011

“Impoverished” middle-classes look to DMP'S for financial help - 14th December 2011

Will credit report searches prevent access to credit after your DMP? - 12th December 2011

Can a teacher sign up to a debt management plan? - 7th December 2011

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Will a DMP stop you from buying a home? - 1st December 2011

Are debt management plans suitable for a solicitor? - 28th November 2011

Should PPI claims be included in DMP schemes? - 23rd November 2011

Should you prioritise debt repayments over insurance cover? - 21st November 2011

Debt management plans for police officers - 16th November 2011

Should you change bank accounts when commencing a DMP? - 14th November 2011

Can an Independent Financial Advisor commence a DMP? - 9th November 2011

Debt management plan consequences when working for a bank - 7th November 2011

Should you insure your debt management plan? - 3rd November 2011

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Poor DMP providers face OFT pressure - 25th October 2011

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Joint debt and a DMP - 19th October 2011

Debt management plans in the media - 18th October 2011

A debt management plan and default notices - 12th October 2011

Keeping your car during a debt management plan - 10th October 2011

A PPI Claim During your DMP - 5th October 2011

A formal alternative to a debt management plan - 3rd October 2011

Switching Your Debt Management Plan - 28th September 2011

Using a Log Book Loan or a Debt Management Plan - 26th September 2011

Childcare costs may cause financial hardship - 21st September 2011

Insolvency on the rise amongst women - 19th September 2011

An Attachment of Earnings Order - 14th September 2011

Charging Orders and a debt management plan - 13th September 2011

A debt management plan whilst receiving benefits - 8th September 2011

Debt management plan guidance consultation - 5th September 2011

Are debt management plans an option for the self employed? - 2nd September 2011

Prioritising household payments when on a debt management plan - 30th August 2011

Paying off a debt management plan early - 24th August 2011

How to find the best source of debt management plan advice - 22nd August 2011

Pensions and a debt management plan - 17th August 2011

Only a quarter of workers receive a pay rise - 15th August 2011

Will you receive creditor letters in a DMP? - 11th August 2011

North versus South – the debt management plan divide - 8th August 2011

Bankruptcy or a DMP? - 3rd August 2011

DMP case numbers are likely to rise with the cost of living - 1st August 2011

Interest free balance transfers back in vogue - 27th July 2011

Falling house prices and a debt management plan - 25th July 2011

Are high levels of personal debt linked to suicide? - 20th July 2011

DMP advisers believe politicians missed the point on payday loans - 18th July 2011

Savings eroded whilst debts are on the rise - 14th July 2011

Ten Reasons to Avoid a Debt Management Plan - 11th July 2011

The Daily Mirror continues debt management plan campaign - 6th July 2011

'Staycations’ for individuals undergoing debt management plans - 4th July 2011

An overview of debt management plan advice - 29th June 2011

Can tax debts be included in a debt management plan? - 27th June 2011

Are young workers headed towards debt management plans? - 23rd June 2011

Brits turn to second jobs to avoid a debt management plan - 20th June 2011

When are debt management plans needed? - 15th June 2011

Will a debt management plan exclude you from a mortgage? - 13th June 2011

Debt management plan difficulties likely to re-emerge - 9th June 2011

Don’t risk debt management plan disaster - 6th June 2011

Debt management plan complaints contribute to record FOS levels - 2nd June 2011

Is it possible to rent a flat while in a debt management plan? - 31st May 2011

How to locate debt arrangement scheme advice – DMP news - 25th May 2011

Debt management plan versus a debt arrangement scheme - 23rd May 2011

Relentless increase of credit card interest continues – DMP news - 18th May 2011

Banks finally admit defeat on PPI claims – DMP news - 16th May 2011

UK property market stabilises – DMP news - 13th May 2011

Are household finances the worst since the 1950s? - 11th May 2011

Debt management news: Halifax card holders – brace yourselves! - 9th May 2011

Reduction in unemployment may reduce debt management plans - 3rd May 2011

When should you take debt management plan advice? - 27th April 2011

Equity release mortgage or debt management plan? - 25th April 2011

Mortgage arrears signal growing debt concerns - 21st April 2011

Is a debt management plan right for me? - 18th April 2011

More pressure applied to debt management rogues - 13th April 2011

MPs accuse the banks of being ‘uncompetitive and dishonest’ - 11th April 2011

Will the economic squeeze affect your debt management plan? - 6th April 2011

Where is the competition in UK banking? - 4th April 2011

Regional debt analysis courtesy of CCCS - 30th March 2011

CCCS research sheds light on debt levels in the UK - 28th March 2011

So which debt solution is the best for you? - 23rd March 2011

Looming tax shock set to drive up DMP numbers - 21st March 2011

Debtor protection to increase via Lending Code - 16th March 2011

Debt management cold-callers under threat - 15th March 2011

News flash: ‘payday loan’ chief sees fit to criticise the banks! - 9th March 2011

Cost of living rises whilst more individuals work for free - 7th March 2011

A further pay freeze to hit council workers - 2nd March 2011

Benefits shake-up set to impact on debt management plans - 28th February 2011

Is this the calm before the debt management plan storm? - 23rd February 2011

Credit consumers to receive further protection - 21st February 2011

20% of employees are concerned about their jobs - 17th February 2011

Demand for debt management plans continues to rise - 15th February 2011

Fears increase as household financial pessimism deepens - 9th February 2011

Action Taken Against Non-Compliant Debt Management Companies - 6th February 2011

Should creditors still be contacting me when a DMP is underway? - 1st February 2010

Payday Loans Should be Given a Wide Berth - 30th January 2011

Accountants predict an imminent rise in interest rates - 27th January 2011

The declining popularity of credit cards - 26th January 2011

When do debt issues become a serious problem? - 13th January 2011

Fears Over Personal Debt in 2011 - 7th January 2011

A spouse or partner does not have to be affected by a DMP - 3rd January 2011

The Most Depressing Day of The Year - 28th December 2010

OFT Toughens Stance Against Non-Compliant Doorstep Lenders - 23rd December 2010

Government austerity measures cause debt heartache - 20th December 2010

VAT rise set to increase pressure on debtors - 15th December 2010

Fears over spiralling debt crisis in Scotland - 11th December 2010

If I start a DMP will I keep my house? - 10th December 2010

Vast reduction in credit card write-offs - 2nd December 2010

How will a DMP affect my credit rating? - 30th November 2010

OFT Criticizes Use of Charging Orders - 25th November 2010

Which debts are included in a debt management plan? - 25th November 2010

Can I start debt management before missing any debt payments? - 23rd November 2010

Can a Debt be Excluded from a DMP (Debt Management Plan)? - 23rd November 2010

Will creditors Accept a DMP (Debt Management Plan)? - 19th November 2010

Will Interest on Debts be Frozen by a DMP (Debt Management Plan)? - 18th November 2010

Opening a new bank account when starting a DMP - 18th November 2010

How Long Does a DMP (Debt Management Plan) Last? - 15th November 2010

What is a DMP - Debt Management Plan? - 13th November 2010

What happens if I miss one of my debt management plan payments? - 12th November 2010

How do creditors react to Debt Management Plans? - 12th November 2010

Overall bankruptcy numbers fall - 9th November 2010

Including gambling debts in a debt management plan or IVA - 4th November 2010

Debt Management Plans Class Certain Debts and Expenditures as Priorities - 3rd November

Sources of Debt Management Plan (DMP) Advice - 26th October 2010

Living expenses guidelines updated for DMP debt management plans - 22nd October 2010

If I go bankrupty what happens to my vehicles? - 21st October 2010

Warning about "Unenforceable Debt" claims Companies - 21st October 2010

The Internet is the first point of call if you're worried about debts - 15th October 2010

Will Child Benefit cuts affect Debt Mangement Plans - 7th October 2010

Payment Protection Insurance and Debt Management Claims - 4th October 2010

My living expenses are too high for an IVA – what should I do - 1st October 2010

129 Debt Management Plan Firms Face OFT Action - 1st October 2010

Should I do a debt management plan or consolidate my debt with a loan?
- 27th September 2010

Debt Arrangement Scheme provides alternative to debt management plans in Scotland
- 27th September 2010

Can Debt Management Plans Include the Debts of Others - 23rd September 2010

Can Debt Management Problems Lead to Crime? - 23rd September 2010

Scottish debt management figures fail to tell the whole story - 17th September 2010

North East England and Scotland struggle with Insolvency - 8th September 2010

Debt Management Plans Used to Deal with Increasing Debts - 28th August 2010

UK debt management companies accused of mis-selling - 2nd September 2010

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